Who am I?

My name is Callan Bignoli. I'm the director of the library at a small engineering college in New England. That being said, absolutely nothing I post on my social media accounts, this website, or my blog is intended to represent the official (or unofficial) views of my employer.

What do I do?

 advocate for and strengthen libraries

 criticize "Big Tech" and the "neutrality" of STEM

 push myself and my profession to acknowledge its own overwhelming homogenity, and respond with more meaningful efforts towards inclusion and anti-oppressive thinking

 present about user experience, service design, worker well-being, and troublesome tech trends

I do lots of library stuff. Heck, I even co-wrote a book about it for the good people at ALA Editions. I also love to cook, have two cats, support college radio & local music, and wander the world on foot & bicycle.

How can you reach me?

Send me an email at callan.bignoli AT gmail DOT com. I am available for remote speaking engagements about library worker advocacy, technology management (& criticism), and applying user-centered design & planning principles to library work.