Who am I?

My name is Callan Bignoli. I'm the director of the library at a small engineering college in New England. That said, nothing I post on my social media accounts, this website, or my blog is intended to represent the official (or unofficial) views of my employer.

What do I do?

 advocate for labor in libraries

 criticize "Big Tech" and the "neutrality" of STEM

 push my profession - including myself - to acknowledge its own overwhelming homogenity, and respond with more meaningful efforts towards inclusion and anti-oppressive thinking

 present about user experience, service design, worker well-being, and troublesome tech trends

I do lots of library stuff. Heck, I even co-wrote a book about it for the good people at ALA Editions. I'm also a big supporter of community radio and host a show on UncertainFM on Wednesday nights.

How can you reach me?

Send me an email at callan.bignoli AT gmail DOT com. I am available for remote speaking engagements about library worker advocacy, technology management (& criticism), and applying user-centered design & planning principles to library work.